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Baby Shower
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Baby Shower Games
Free Baby Shower Printable Invitations
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Baby Shower Printable Invitations

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Baby Shower Games. #8

Someone can volunteer to dress up as a baby with a few things on like a pacifier, diaper, rattle, and many other baby things. The guests at the baby shower will have two minutes to memorize all the baby items on the volunteer. The most important rule is that they cannot write any of the items down.

Once they have had two minutes the volunteer will leave the room and the guests start writing all that they remember about the baby items. For this part they will have another two minutes to remember and write down everything they saw. Then collect what everyone has written with their name on it. Call the volunteer back in the room and check the items people have written. The person who gets the most items right, wins.

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