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Baby Shower Games
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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Baby Shower Games. #2

This was a great game we played at one baby shower. The guest of honor is given the following ingredients:
sugar, flour, milk, water, baking powder, baking soda, butter, vanilla, eggs, oil, etc. Then the guest of honor was told to make a one layer cake from scratch. When the main guest requested an ingredient that wasn't on the table, one of the guests brought it to her from the kitchen.

While the main guest was mixing and measuring, the guests were given sheets of paper and pencils and told to write down their own recipes, as well as make suggestions to me. One person also wrote down main guest's "recipe" as she threw things together in a bowl. When the main guest was finished, the cake went into the oven at a temperature and duration specified. We opened gifts while it was baking. When it was done, I was required to taste at least one bite.

Well, it came out like a flat, sweet pound cake gone bad. Everyone laughed, and then we compared recipes. The guest who was closest to the actual recipe won a baby prize. Favorite part is the moral of the game: that marriage & children don't come with recipes, so we rely on the help of friends and family as we go along.

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