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Baby Shower Games
Free Baby Shower Printable Invitations
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Baby Shower Printable Invitations

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games #1

At a baby shower I recently attended they all played a baby game where the guests were split into two teams. All the ladies lined up in front of a table with the following items on it:

Things needed for Baby Shower Games
2 small travel packs of wipes
2 life size naked baby dolls
2 stacks of newborn disposable diapers
2 small bottles of baby powder

The main goal of the game was to see which team could
wipe, diaper, and powder the babies the soonest. The first lady in line diapers the baby and hands it off to the next person to repeat the process and it continues on like that. The first team to finish wins and the guest of honor gets all of the extra dolls and supplies.

Another of baby shower games that we have seen done at showers is one where each guest ( or a selected few ) are given small baby bottles filled with water or juice and who so ever finishes the bottle first wins.

One last one I have for baby shower games is one where several small baby shower items are put into brown paper lunch bags and the bags are sealed and numbered. The bags are then passed around to all of the ladies and they try to guess what each item is by feeling it through the bag. The person with the most correct guesses wins, and the guest of honor gets to keep all of the baby items and gifts.


Blogger Caroline Fletcher said...

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Anonymous Baby Shower Games said...

This game sounds very stinky. I think if I played this with my family funny faces will definitely be made.

8:36 AM  

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