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Baby Shower
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Baby Shower Games
Free Baby Shower Printable Invitations
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Baby Shower Printable Invitations

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Baby Shower Games. #3

Well, here's a couple of great games played at a baby shower.

Take some disposable (or cloth) diapers for each guest. In one of the diapers, put a good size chunk of peanut butter and fold it back in tightly. Put the diapers in a bag and then pass the bag around and have each baby shower guest pick one and open one. The one who gets the dirty diaper, gets a baby shower gift!

Here is one more baby shower games idea:
Get a real life-looking doll, one that you can easily change the clothes on. Have each baby shower guest take a chance at changing/dressing the doll, in the meantime the other assigned guests create distractions.. e.g. call out: phone is ringing, doorbell, food in oven is burning,
cat fell in the toilet, etc... say anything to throw them off, get creative. You can put these distractions on pieces of paper, pass them in a hat or the host can call them out.

Use a stop-watch to time each guest that participates and the one who can get the baby diapered/changed in the shortest time wins a baby shower gift!

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