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Baby Shower Games
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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Baby Shower Games. #4

Printable Baby Shower Games #1
Have every baby shower guest wear a clothes pin and when a person that has a clothes pin says "baby", the first one to catch the pin, gets that person's clothes pin. The one with the most clothes pins wins. It's fun to see how fast you can lose your pin and how hard it is to not say "baby".

Printable Baby Shower Games #2
Have the baby shower host draw a bingo card, that would be a box with 5 boxes across by 5 boxes down, leaving the boxes open and make enough photo copies for everyone attending. Before the gifts are opened, have everyone personally fill in the boxes with things they think the mom-to-be will get. As the presents are opened, each guest should cross out the appropriate boxes. For instance, if someone wrote down baby clothes and onesies - they could cross off both when the guest of honor opened a outfit with a matching onesie. The first guest to have all her boxes crossed out will be the winner. If at the end of the game or present opening, no one has a "bingo" then the closest one is the winner. Free printable baby shower invitations


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